Manna Statement & Announcement

Dear All, 

This is to inform that Manna Charity is legally registered in Lebanon under authorization number 1614. 

 The Organization Chart up- to-date will be as follows:

1)Registered legal Founders :

Nammour Elie     President

Kai Ghassan        Moderator

Atallah Nola        Treasury / Exchequer

Tedy Neiman        Chief of Staff – Internal Affairs 

2) Co Founders  :

Pacaccio Antonella  Vice president Special Projects

Youssef Sabine        Vice President Middle East & Africa

Zanolli Samuela       Vice President America’s

Harb Christelle       Media, Development , PR

3) Members  :

Vanni Emiliano   Italian Chapter – Alternative Energy

Cere’ Valerie      French Chapter  – Hospitality versus Aid  

Tedy Sylvie        Ceremonial

Zamer Georges    IT – Technology Solutions  

Khalil Mariam      Human Power – Lebanon

Choueiri Georges  Audit – Archives

4) Support Committee:

Kai Marie Joelle   Legal Affairs

Strampelli Lucia   Business Opportunities

Harb Carine          Motherhood Affairs

Hoshaimy Mirna     Solidarity Projects

Nesby Faten           Miscellaneous

5) Manna Charity prospected projects :

A) Hospice       Lebanon

B ) Orphanage     Brasil

C ) Pediatric Center   Italy

D) KinderGarten    Lebanon  

E) Aid en Miniature (randomly selected people in need for University tuition, education, medicines, small loans)

F) Alternative Energy – Land usage versus power production and partial profit dedicated to Manna sustenance

G) Hospitality in selected apartments versus partial donation to Manna auto-finance

A presentation will be soon diffused in a communique’.

Personal committment and support will be a source for perseverance and it is highly appreciated.

At the moment cards will be printed for Elie Nammour, Antonella  Pacaccio, Emiliano Vanni, Sabine  Youssef and Samuela Zanolli.

All interested parties in donating to Manna Charity are kindly requested to send their coordinates to  so that we can contact them and define the modalities for a discreet contribution.

Seeking Transparency , below is listed a summary for actual revenue and expenses:

Income from personal contributions and private fund raising: USD 4000

Legal Expenses USD 1460    

Donations to Lebanese Hospice USD 2140

Direct Aid for tuitions / Miscellaneous USD 400  


Objectives & Mission

Manna is a charity that specializes in philanthropy and assistance worldwide.

It will provide care, support, deliver aid and produce zero profit budgets.

Success Factors

  • Critical need for human resources, connections.
  • Common vision among associates and members.

Summary of Capital Required 2010/2011

Manna’s total capital requirements the first year November 2010 – November 2011 are tentatively $ 250.000.

These requirements will be financed through personal investment, donations and loans.

Prospected expenses for sustenance will be accounting for 20 % and the rest will be distributed into projects and donations.

Manna Charity Ownership

Al Mann -Manna is a non profit charity registered in Lebanon.


Manna will provide mainly assistance and aid. Services and products will be encompassing and reaching to the civil society.

Management Summary

Elie Nammour is the President and the legal representative, however as per above chart other founders and members fully share in the management duties and in the decision making process.

 Comments and suggestions are most welcome,  Thank you for now,

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Manna Charity Start-up

This is an act and a certifcate of birth.

Yesterday 05 August 2010 , the application to start up Manna Charity was accepted.

The file number is 13814 registered at the Lebanese Ministry of Interior.

It is expected that within one month time an official authorization will be released and consequently a summary of the activity to be published on the Official Gazette.

Welcome Manna !

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Hello world!

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